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The Ultimate GPU Benchmark (2004 - 2007)

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It is time to revisit the video card benchmarks. This is the first part of completely new project focused on as thorough GPU benchmarking as possible. Not only average fps, but also frametimes analysis and other attributes measured by MSI Afterburner. All values are shown using interactive charts.


I have been testing PC hardware over 10 years and during that time I gained a lot of experience in this field. Also my capabilities of preparing the right SW tools for proper benchmarking are now better than ever. Not to mention the ability to buy the right tools and equipment which wasn't the case before. There are only two thing missing here to make this benchmark project trully the best. One of them is isolated power consumption of the video cards (which is rather difficult to accomplish, especially for multi GPU). And the second one would be true hardware-based frametimes measurement using high framerate capture card. Anyway, Fraps provides frametimes data that are reliable enough to show more in-depth analysis of tested GPUs. There are also attributes like memory usage, GPU Load and total system Power usage monitored by MSI Afterburner and HWiNFO.

The base stone is no doubt the test system. it is rather old for todays standards, but proven by the years of service. Also it matches all my requirements - support of 2-way SLI/CF 16+16 and 3-way SLI/CF 16+8+8. So we are looking at Sandy Bridge-E X79 platform - Asus P9X79 Deluxe and Xeon E5-1650 overclocked to 4.8 GHz. I also considered using something more up-to-date. But there are not many more options in HEDT it seems. Haswell-E wouldn't be that much faster (better IPC, lower clock) and still costs a lot when I want the 40-pcie-lanes variants. Gaming performance of X299 and X399 also isn't all that great and not very cost-effective anyway.

The last but not least - the interactive charts. It took some time to develop, but now they are finally working at their full potential.

ATi FireGL V7200
ATi FireGL V7200
ATi FireGL V7200

Test System - Hardware

Test System - OS and Drivers

Test System - Games

ATi FireGL V7200

Tested Video Cards

Radeon X800 GTORadeon X850 XT PERadeon X1600 XTRadeon X1800 XLRadeon X1800 XTFireGL V7350Radeon X1900 XTX2 × Radeon X1900 XTX
GPUR430R480RV530R520R520R520R5802 × R580
Technology110 nm130 nm90 nm90 nm90 nm90 nm90 nm90 nm
Die Size240 mm2297 mm2150 mm2288 mm2288 mm2288 mm2352 mm22 × 352 mm2
Transistor Count160 M160 M157 M321 M321 M321 M384 M2 × 384 M
Transistor Density0.66 M / mm20.54 M / mm21.05 M / mm21.11 M / mm21.11 M / mm21.11 M / mm21.09 M / mm21.09 M / mm2
GPU Clock400 MHz540 MHz590 MHz500 MHz625 MHz600 MHz650 MHz650 MHz
ROPs12164161616162 × 16
TMUs12164161616162 × 16
Shaders12 PS + 6 VS16 PS + 6 VS12 PS + 5 VS16 PS + 8 VS16 PS + 8 VS16 PS + 8 VS48 PS + 8 VS2 × 48 PS + 8 VS
Memory256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR31024 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3
Memory Clock980 MHz1180 MHz1400 MHz1000 MHz1500 MHz1300 MHz1550 MHz1550 MHz
Bus Width256 bit256 bit128 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit2 × 256 bit
Memory Bandwidth31.4 GB/s37.8 GB/s22.4 GB/s32 GB/s48 GB/s41.6 GB/s49.6 GB/s2 × 49.6 GB/s
Fillrate (Pixel)4800 MP/s8640 MP/s2360 MP/s8000 MP/s10000 MP/s9600 MP/s10400 MP/s2 × 10400 MP/s
Fillrate (Texel)4800 MT/s8640 MT/s2360 MT/s8000 MT/s10000 MT/s9600 MT/s10400 MT/s2 × 10400 MT/s
Bus TypePCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0
TDP49 W69 W42 W70 W113 W111 W135 W2 × 135 W
Launch Year20052004200520052005200520062006

Radeon X1950 Pro2 × Radeon X1950 ProRadeon X1950 XTRadeon X1950 XTXRadeon HD 2600 XTRadeon HD 2900 GTRadeon HD 2900 XT2 × Radeon HD 2900 XT
GPURV5702 × RV570R580+R580+RV630R600R6002 × R600
Technology80 nm80 nm90 nm90 nm65 nm80 nm80 nm80 nm
Die Size230 mm22 × 230 mm2352 mm2352 mm2153 mm2420 mm2420 mm22 × 420 mm2
Transistor Count330 M2 × 330 M384 M384 M390 M720 M720 M2 × 720 M
Transistor Density1.43 M / mm21.43 M / mm21.09 M / mm21.09 M / mm22.55 M / mm21.71 M / mm21.71 M / mm21.71 M / mm2
GPU Clock580 MHz580 MHz625 MHz650 MHz800 MHz600 MHz743 MHz743 MHz
ROPs122 × 121616412162 × 16
TMUs122 × 121616812162 × 16
Shaders36 PS + 8 VS2 × 36 PS + 8 VS48 PS + 8 VS48 PS + 8 VS120 Unified240 Unified320 Unified2 × 320 Unified
Memory256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR4256 MB GDDR4256 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3
Memory Clock1400 MHz1400 MHz1800 MHz2000 MHz2200 MHz1600 MHz1660 MHz1660 MHz
Bus Width256 bit2 × 256 bit256 bit256 bit128 bit256 bit512 bit2 × 512 bit
Memory Bandwidth44.8 GB/s2 × 44.8 GB/s57.6 GB/s64 GB/s35.2 GB/s51.2 GB/s106.2 GB/s2 × 106.2 GB/s
Fillrate (Pixel)6960 MP/s2 × 6960 MP/s10000 MP/s10400 MP/s3200 MP/s7200 MP/s11840 MP/s2 × 11840 MP/s
Fillrate (Texel)6960 MT/s2 × 6960 MT/s10000 MT/s10400 MT/s6400 MT/s7200 MT/s11840 MT/s2 × 11840 MT/s
Bus TypePCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 2.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0
TDP80 W2 × 80 W96 W125 W50 W150 W215 W2 × 215 W
Launch Year20062006200620062007200720072007

FireGL V8650 OCRadeon HD 6550DRadeon R7 GraphicsGeForce 6800 GSGeForce 7600 GTGeForce 7800 GTXQuadro FX 4500GeForce 7900 GS OC
ArchitectureTerascaleTerascale 2CGNNV4x/G7xNV4x/G7xNV4x/G7xNV4x/G7xNV4x/G7x
Technology80 nm32 nm28 nm110 nm80 nm110 nm110 nm90 nm
Die Size420 mm2228 mm2245 mm2225 mm2100 mm2333 mm2333 mm2196 mm2
Transistor Count720 M1176 M2410 M202 M177 M302 M302 M278 M
Transistor Density1.71 M / mm25.16 M / mm29.84 M / mm20.9 M / mm21.77 M / mm20.91 M / mm20.91 M / mm21.42 M / mm2
GPU Clock850 MHz600 MHz720 MHz425 MHz560 MHz430 MHz430 MHz500 MHz
Shaders320 Unified400 Unified512 Unified12 PS + 5 VS12 PS + 5 VS24 PS + 8 VS24 PS + 8 VS20 PS + 7 VS
Memory2048 MB GDDR4512 MB DDR31024 MB DDR3256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3
Memory Clock2000 MHz1866 MHz2133 MHz1000 MHz1400 MHz1200 MHz1050 MHz1400 MHz
Bus Width512 bit128 bit128 bit256 bit128 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit
Memory Bandwidth128 GB/s29.9 GB/s34.1 GB/s32 GB/s22.4 GB/s38.4 GB/s33.6 GB/s44.8 GB/s
Fillrate (Pixel)13600 MP/s4800 MP/s5760 MP/s5100 MP/s4480 MP/s6880 MP/s6880 MP/s8000 MP/s
Fillrate (Texel)13600 MT/s12000 MT/s23040 MT/s5100 MT/s6720 MT/s10320 MT/s10320 MT/s10000 MT/s
Bus TypePCI-E 1.0IGPIGPPCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0
TDP~300 W~50 W~32 W50 W40 W86 W88 W55 W
Launch Year20072011201420052007200520052006

2 × GeForce 7900 GS OCGeForce 7950 GTGeForce 7950 GX2GeForce 8600 GTSGeForce 8800 GTS (320 MB)GeForce 8800 GTS (640 MB)Quadro FX 4600GeForce 8800 GTX
GPU2 × G71G712 × G71G84G80G80G80G80
Technology90 nm90 nm90 nm80 nm90 nm90 nm90 nm90 nm
Die Size2 × 196 mm2196 mm22 × 196 mm2169 mm2484 mm2484 mm2484 mm2484 mm2
Transistor Count2 × 278 M278 M2 × 278 M289 M681 M681 M681 M681 M
Transistor Density1.42 M / mm21.42 M / mm21.42 M / mm21.71 M / mm21.41 M / mm21.41 M / mm21.41 M / mm21.41 M / mm2
GPU Clock500 MHz550 MHz500 MHz675 MHz513 MHz513 MHz500 MHz575 MHz
ROPs2 × 16162 × 16820202424
TMUs2 × 20242 × 241624242432
Shaders2 × 20 PS + 7 VS24 PS + 8 VS2 × 24 PS + 8 VS32 Unified96 Unified96 Unified69 Unified128 Unified
Memory256 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3512 MB GDDR3256 MB GDDR3320 MB GDDR3640 MB GDDR3768 MB GDDR3768 MB GDDR3
Memory Clock1400 MHz1400 MHz1200 MHz2000 MHz1600 MHz1600 MHz1400 MHz1800 MHz
Bus Width2 × 256 bit256 bit2 × 256 bit128 bit320 bit320 bit384 bit384 bit
Memory Bandwidth2 × 44.8 GB/s44.8 GB/s2 × 38.4 GB/s32 GB/s64 GB/s64 GB/s67.2 GB/s86.4 GB/s
Fillrate (Pixel)2 × 8000 MP/s8800 MP/s2 × 8000 MP/s5400 MP/s10260 MP/s10260 MP/s12000 MP/s13800 MP/s
Fillrate (Texel)2 × 10000 MT/s13200 MT/s2 × 12000 MT/s10800 MT/s12312 MT/s12312 MT/s12000 MT/s18400 MT/s
Bus TypePCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0
TDP2 × 55 W75 W110 W75 W143 W143 W134 W155 W
Launch Year20062006200620072007200620072006

2 × GeForce 8800 GTXGeForce 8800 Ultra OCQuadro FX 5600 OC
GPU2 × G80G80G80
Technology90 nm90 nm90 nm
Die Size2 × 484 mm2484 mm2484 mm2
Transistor Count2 × 681 M681 M681 M
Transistor Density1.41 M / mm21.41 M / mm21.41 M / mm2
GPU Clock575 MHz650 MHz600 MHz
ROPs2 × 242424
TMUs2 × 323232
Shaders2 × 128 Unified128 Unified128 Unified
Memory768 MB GDDR3768 MB GDDR31536 MB GDDR3
Memory Clock1800 MHz2200 MHz1900 MHz
Bus Width2 × 384 bit384 bit384 bit
Memory Bandwidth2 × 86.4 GB/s105.6 GB/s91.2 GB/s
Fillrate (Pixel)2 × 13800 MP/s15600 MP/s14400 MP/s
Fillrate (Texel)2 × 18400 MT/s20800 MT/s19200 MT/s
Bus TypePCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0PCI-E 1.0
TDP2 × 155 W171 W~171 W
Launch Year200620072007

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