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Benchmark VGA 1998 - 2001 (2011 edition)

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Find out how various legendary video cards perform in games and benchmarks. Unlike contemporary reviews, in this test all GPUs are using mature drivers and overclocked Athlon XP provides more than enough performance to avoid CPU-limited scenarios.


GLQuake 640x480x16

GLQuake 800x600x16

GLQuake 800x600x32

GLQuake 1024x768x16

GLQuake 1024x768x32

GLQuake 800x600x16 2xAA

GLQuake 800x600x32 2xAA

GLQuake 1024x768x16 2xAA

GLQuake 1024x768x32 2xAA

GLQuake 800x600x16 4xAA

GLQuake 800x600x32 4xAA

GLQuake 1024x768x16 4xAA

GLQuake 1024x768x32 4xA
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